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Disposable Shower Socks
Latex is a mixture of organic compounds produced by some plants in special cells called caticifers.
Disposable Shower Socks
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Disposable Shower Socks
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Email: info@disposableshowersocks.com
Disposable Shower Socks
Disposable Shower Socks Intl. is a proudly Hygienic Patented Product of South-Africa with all Rights Reserved by the owner.

Three words describe this product - Hygiene Hygiene Hygiene. We are awaiting the Stamp of Approval from the South-African Podiatrist Association (SAPA ) and are very confident that they will support the product in their fight to make the public more aware of foot Hygiene.

Disposable Shower Socks is the answer to protect your feet from Warts, Athletes Foot (fungus), Bacterial & Viral infections, which may be found in communal showers.

The company prides itself in using High Quality latex from one of the worlds top supplying countries of latex, Malaysia. Disposable Shower Socks are made from almost 100% High Quality Latex and have textured soles for maximum grip.

We will be distributing the product to:
  • The Private Hospital Industry
  • Hotel Industry
  • Lodges
  • B & B owner's
  • Caravan and Camping Sites
  • Gyms
  • Spa's
  • Stockist of Outdoor Camping Equipment & Gear
Disposable Shower Socks
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